About me

Animal photographer

I can not imagine a life without animals.

about Zoë

My name is Zoë ter Braake and i am a 17 years old dutch girl with a huge passion for animal photography. This passion did not come out of nowhere. Ever since i was  little I have had a love for animals and their behaviours. Especially dogs have always been a huge part of my life. I own a lot of dogs and i love to spend time with them.  

Roughly three years ago i bought my very first own camera. Ever since that moment my camera has been a part of me. I bring my camera everywhere i go. Dog and horse photography are my biggest passions. But it does not end with taking the photo, photoshop also is a big part of my creative life. I spend hours and hours editing my photos, developing my own style and making my pictures speak to everyone. I hope you are as enthusiastic about my photography as I am.

Some facts about me

I love nature

A big aspect in my photos is the nature. Ofcource i am in to try other thing but in general I take my photos in nature. This makes my photos more natural and it makes them speak for themselves. Also the nature creates a relaxing atmosphere while shooting which is very important to me. 

relaxed, cheerfull and fun

The most important thing for me is the fun and the relaxed atmosphere while shooting. I love interacting with people and discovering their different qualitys. I currently study psychology in Amsterdam. So besides animals I am also very interested in people and their behaviour. i think it’s very important that people feel like they can be their selves when they are with me. respect is very important to me and i hope to create a low pressure, relaxed and fun atmosphere for people so they can be their true selves. I laugh a lot and try to give my clients the best experience possible.

Some more facts about me

- I always listen to music while editing. I prefer country music because it gives me a relaxed feeling which i try to put into my photos. My favorite musical artists are Chris Stapleton, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

- Sometimes i like to watch netflix while editing. I really like comedy movies and i have a bit of a friends addiction.

- Besides photography and photoshop i really like mushing. Mushing is the sled dog sport which i practice with my siberian husky.

- I like watching videos about dog rescues and my biggest dream is to open an animal shelter or a rescue center.

I have seven beautifull dogs