About me

my name is Zoë ter Braake. I have always been facinated by all living creatures. There for i started horse riding at young age, and currently i still have a lot of fun riding my connemara pony Dustin. Dustin was my 10th birthday present. ever since i have Dustin, i have been actively photographing him. At that time i took the pictures with my phone. But then i realised that it would be amazing to be able to take beautifull pictures of him, so i started searching for my first real camera.  

Ever since i bought my first camera, i was unseperatable with it. I absolutely loved taking pictures of Dustin. After a while i started taking pictures of my other animals. At the moment i own a lot of dogs. My favourite dog is called Jacky Jay(JJ). As you may have geussed, Jacky is a Jack Russel terriër. He is very playfull which makes him very photogenic. I’ve always had animals, which makes it impossible not to love them. accept for spiders, i can’t name one animal that i don’t love. And there for i feel blessed to be able to combine my two favourite things in this world in animal photography. The feeling i get when i finish a photo is just indescribable. And i hope to inspire you to go after your dreams and passions.